June 2023 – A bumper attendance and help for start-ups


24 businesses attended the June 2023 breakfast at The Mix to meet new people, catch up with friends and network. They also heard about a special scheme for new business launching soon from John Bradbrook of AnyIT.


Timely help when they need it

AnyIT opened in 2006 as a high street shop in Needham Market but now has its own premises in Station Yard.

John Bradbrook stressed the business’ core principles of transparency, reliability, integrity and character.

He announced the launch of a support scheme starting in August when start-ups will receive IT support free for their first year in operation.

AnyIT will be measuring how much revenue it has generated for these start-ups as well as ensuring their IT security. This is part of their CSR promise.

He cited the example of one Ipswich business that had grown significantly but then lost all its web pages following 90,000 hacking attempts in a month. AnyIT was able to recover everything but it emphasises the need for IT security, said John.

After six months of the new scheme of monitoring start-ups on the scheme, his company will give feedback on how they are doing.

At the end of the first year businesses on the scheme will not be tied to AnyIT but obviously, they are hoping they will stay.


For the future

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