January 2024 – New Year and a massive turnout for breakfast


Even more breakfasters this month and some timely tips for making your 60 seconds memorable from our guest speaker.

Cate Caruth, of Creative Words, tells us how to make an impact

Speaker Cate Caruth, of Creative Words, explained how to make the most of your 60 seconds and what’s the difference between that and an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch, she said, is for a face-to-face, usually 1:1, conversation, so it is acceptable to talk about yourself and what you do. It needs to be engaging and contain about five or six sentences.

A 60-second networking pitch, on the other hand, should be all about your audience or potential customers.

It should focus on what people care about and show them what is in it for them if they use your business.

She outlined four ways to grab their attention:

  1. Teach them something;
  2. Meet a need;
  3. Community values, eg., struggling to write a blog;
  4. Make it fun.

Ways to do this include asking the audience to imagine something, telling a story, using props, asking a question and challenging their thinking.

Having made a connection and shown that you understand their needs they will want to know more and they are more likely to remember you if you give them your name and contact details at the end of your pitch.

Networking Pitch

You should end with a call to action, suggesting they take a leaflet or business card if applicable, come and have a chat or arrange a 1:1.

Above all, she said, elevator pitches and 60 seconds need to be fluent so you should practice beforehand.


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