April 2024 – 27 attendees for April: Is this a record? 


Five people online and the rest in person. It may have been our highest attendance for some time!


Kim Morrison of Morr Marketing helped us understand the uses of AI


The idea of AI or automation actually goes back thousands of years – to 400 BCE, Kim told us.

There are several platforms that use AI. ChatGPT, perhaps the best-known, was launched in November 2022.

While a lot of people are scared of AI, Kim believes we should embrace and use it as it can help grow our business. However, she warned that it does make things up so you need to check facts and can’t believe everything it tells you.

“It isn’t a substitute for people though and you need to put yourself into it,” she said.

Embracing AIShe listed various platforms that use AI. They include ChatGPT, Gemini/Bard, Perplexity, Microsoft CoPilot, Grammarly, Hemingway, Canva, Lumen 5, VideoGen, Pictory, Eleven Labs and Descript.

With the aid of demos, she showed how to get the best out of AI by treating it as a Marketing Assistant and giving it simple but clear prompts describing what you’d like it to do.

As one example she took a short customer avatar from Annya Stoddart of 100-200 words of her ideal clients for her weekly meditation classes. Then by adding a specific prompt, she showed how ChatGPT could create a background story of the day-to-day life of why this person would want or need a weekly meditation class. This would then help you write content that would resonate with your ideal clients.

Used with care, it seems, that AI can save you time and help with many tasks.


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