July 2023 – HR advice on self-care at work and a heartfelt tribute

Chairman Colin Tapscott paid tribute to our former chairman, Allan Scott, who died this week after a battle with bowel cancer. Colin then invited all the attendees to share their memories of Allan if they wanted.


A basket of goodies and tips for maintaining well-being

Speaker Jo Moss, of Moss HR, came bearing a basket of goodies for breakfasters.

The theme of her topic was well-being and four main points to remember about looking after ourselves.

Having had experience of depression in the aftermath of her son’s birth it is something about which Jo is passionate.

After asking her audience to pick a number between one and ten (where ten is extremely happy) she moved on to the contents of her basket which contained gifts relating to basic human needs.


4 simple tips to keep positivity and wellness at work

While Jo invited the attendees to consume the water and the fruit, she explained why these basic items mattered to self-care. Following that, she provided four simple tips to keep a positive vibe in our physical well-ness during the workday.

Below are the four simple tips:

  1. Drink water regularly
  2. Take a break during work to stretch-up
  3. Eat healthily and consciously
  4. Rest and sleep enough daily


Self-awareness of emotions and seeking professional help

Jo explained that talking about feelings was also important and something men rarely do as often as women do.

The audience was invited to start a sentence with “I feel…” and then add whatever they were feeling. whether good, bad or in between.

She said Suffolk MIND does workshops for teams and individuals and can be booked for sessions so that businesses can take care of both themselves and their employees.


For the future

Chairman Colin Tapscott is always happy to receive any suggestions for what members want to see the Chamber doing in the future. Please send your ideas (and your wish lists) to [email protected]


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