March 2019 breakfast

You don’t have to be mad to come here but…!


Business “plumbing” over coffee and cake, proofreading the third draft of a guide to recruiting, delivering acupuncture patients for another member, finding dead people, dealing with idiots. It’s amazing what our members get up to in the course of their working days, not to mention the idiosyncratic ways in which they describe their businesses!

It might be because it’s Mad March, but then, the Stowmarket and District Chamber of Commerce does have its own unique way of doing things.

Seriously, though, with MSBE2 (Mid Suffolk Business Exhibition) just a fortnight away, Danny Cuff, who is coordinating the event, reminded people that there was still time to book for the seminars. He then handed over to this month’s guest – straight from hobnobbing with the “names” of Silicon Valley and accompanied by two potential new recruits, aged roughly 18 months and three years, rapidly brought to order by our lovely secretary, Aunty Keely.

This left their mum, Hermione Way of Start-up Stowmarket, free to deliver her presentation.


Hermione Way on a new not-for-profit venture to galvanise Stowmarket

Hermione Way of Start-Up StowmarketIn a previous life, she spent ten years working as a blogger/journalist in the technology industry, she told us.

This took her to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, in 2009 where she worked with the likes of Uber, Airbnb, as well as writing a tech blog called Tech Crunch. Then she was involved with a $25 million television show with Mark Zuckerberg’s sister before travelled in S America, Africa and Europe promoting entrepreneurship.

After all that, and her first child, Hermione found she yearned for the safety of the NHS and moved to Stowmarket. Yes, really!

She believes the town has a lot of potential, so she is an enthusiastic backer of the proposed new tech hub. She is also about to launch Start-up Stowmarket, which will encourage people to take the plunge and become entrepreneurs – or even mumpreneurs!

Having run her own mentorship programme, she will be running events on how to blog and grow a business online, promoting Stowmarket’s entrepreneurs and connecting them to other technology hubs. And somehow she’s finding the time to write a book to be called “How to start a $1 million company and have babies at the same time”.

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