February 2019 breakfast

Benefit from a wide variety of skills over breakfast!

Those who have so far resisted the temptation of a lovely breakfast at the Mix are missing out on the opportunity to meet experts from a wide range of businesses.

The February breakfast covered everything from cocktails for birthday parties courtesy of Bob Scott, of Niche Cocktails, to advice on holidays from Tracey Strand, of Tailor and Made Travel.

Slightly late for Valentine’s Day, Allan Scott, of Mill House Media, illustrated his ability to get inside clients’ minds. He told a heart-warming and romantic tale from the early days of his long-standing partnership with Rosemary Muntus when he was working in Birmingham and she was in Walthamstow. Each bought a Valentine’s day card for the other and it turned out both had selected the same card!

Business process advice came from our Treasurer and January member spotlight pin-up Kate Kelly, the Business Plumber. There was also help with holidays, surveying, wealth management, HR and with creating a ‘monster’ family tree among the skills on offer from other members.


A is for Assistance when you need a hand

Mike Drain - Member Spotlight November 2018The month’s presentation was from Mike Drain, of Superb Travel Suffolk.

Assistance comes in the form of a wheelchair-accessible car in the STS fleet, but also with those little extras, such as helping customers with luggage and escorting them to check-ins at airports, taking the worry out of getting to hospital, GP and other appointments on time and avoiding a long and tiring drive after a return flight from abroad.

Some of his customers, he said, are no longer so keen on driving long distances and appreciate that when travelling with STS instead, they get regular ‘coffee and comfort’ breaks on the journey.

“It’s very much about what you need and how can we help,” he said.

Also, because STS regularly transports both children and vulnerable adults, customers have the reassurance that Mike and Peter both have proper DBS certification.


MSBE2 – Mid Suffolk Business Exhibition

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Visitors are encouraged to book early for the seminars, which were sold out before the event last year. The topics this year are on trading internationally post-Brexit, and on how SMEs can access funding and support.

You can find out more here www.msbe.biz/seminars


Tell us what you want

Allan is happy to receive any suggestions for what members want to see the Chamber doing in the future. Please send your ideas (and your want lists) to [email protected].


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