“There’s just too much going on …”

If that’s how you feel and there’s too much going on in your life – well, join the rest of us.  After all, everything in your personal and business landscape has changed in the last few days.

Which means the noisiest and most primitive part of your brain – what some (including me) like to call your ‘lizard brain’ – is in ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Before you start any kind of planning, you need to switch that off.  Which – you’ll be glad to hear – is entirely possible. Read more here.


What you can do

It’s tempting to spend a lot of time online, cruising social media.  To listen to every single news broadcast, in case there’s something that could help you amid the chaos.

Meaning that you’re constantly exposed to bad news. And to other people’s negativity.

So take a break from social media – and from the news.

If you can, take your Boris-sponsored walk or run somewhere quiet and pleasant. (It helps that we live in one of the country’s loveliest counties.)

Failing that, enjoy an hour of quiet time (in the garden, if you have one).  Turn off the phone.  Read a book.  Listen to some music.  Or just chill.  If you’re into meditation – or would like to try it – take a look at Annya Stoddart’s video.


What we will do

As promised, we’ll be sending out regular newsletters with advice and information directly relevant to you and your needs.  But that, on its own, will not be enough.

You will need to hear from other people.  You will want to ask questions – and get answers.  You will want to share ideas, and hear other people’s ideas.

As a result, we’ll be restarting our regular networking sessions. Online.


How we’ll do it

With help from Sean Billings at Syrinx Systems we’ve been testing out Zoom as an online networking tool, and we’ve already seen it working for other groups.  Watch out for your invitation to our first online networking session – coming very soon…

Until then, stay well.  (And keep washing your hands.)

Allan Scott
Chair, Stowmarket & District Chamber of Commerce

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