March 2023 – Plenty of new faces


Is our fame spreading? Or is it the fabulous Mix breakfasts? No matter. All were welcome at our March 2023 networking breakfast.


Dave Baker on International Standards and ChatGPT

Dave Baker, of Performance Plus, helps his business customers achieve compliance with international standards (ISOs).

He decided to use the new AI tool ChatGPT in preparing his talk.

Among his questions was “Explain in under 50 words why compliance with ISO 27001 could benefit their organisation”.
This ISO, he explained, is the standard for international security. The ChatGPT answer was “Compliance with this standard can help protect an organisation”.

So far so good. Next question: “Tell me something amusing about ISO standards”. The reply “ISO Standard 3103 is the standard for making a cup of tea”.

Then Dave decided to probe further to see where things might go wrong. He asked it to multiply 157 by 2.70 the answer came back – 1099.25 (incorrect). The point, he said, was that you cannot believe everything ChatGPT says because it uses probability theory to compose its answers and it is not possible to identify all the sources from which it has derived its answers.

By comparison, said Dave, ISO standards are very useful for organisations wishing to prove their capabilities.


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