July 2022 – A fruit salad of social media


July 2022’s breakfast began with some networking, and the usual excellent Mix breakfast (for those who were there in person). Soon after Nathan James of Softwood Self-Publishing took us through the many social media platforms comparing each to a different fruit.


A Social Media fruit bowl

Nathan shared with us that just over 68% of Softwood’s clients use social media. But then he emphasized that it’s very important that you’re discerning when choosing the right platform for your objectives.

It all depends on your clients, he said. Who they are, what your business does and when your target audience is online.

For example, Twitter is “a bit like a tangerine” in that it offers bite-sized chunks of shareable information and 54% of its users are more likely to buy new products. His tip for Twitter is to make sure you capitalize hashtags.

According to Nathan, Instagram “wants to be TikTok”. He advised posting at least two still images as well as reels.

Facebook is the pear from the fruit bowl and has the largest share of daily social audiences but be aware. Its focus is on paid-for posts, which far eclipse organic reach.

TikTok is the grapes – very short and sweet but growing massively while LinkedIn is the “sustainable banana”, particularly good for building your professional reputation. YouTube is the pineapple with the second largest engagement, remember it is owned by Google.

It is important in choosing which social media to use to pay attention to the analytics, particularly Google.

Social Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important, as they tell which posts are working best for you, whether they’re videos, questions or polls.

Finally, he said, the key thing about using social media is “be social”, in other words being genuine and authentic so your audience gets to know you. Also, try different styles of posting rather than always using the same format.


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