April 2023 – Plenty of new faces


The usual lively mix of chat, breakfast, and some thought-provoking advice from Owen Williams of West View IT at the April 2023 breakfast.


How much personal information can be gleaned from your wallet?

The contents of a wallet loaned by Nathan from Softwood Self Publishing (with permission, of course) provided a handy prop to illustrate Owen’s talk about protecting personal data from those with evil intent.

In these days of carrying so many cards, it is alarming how much information can be gleaned.

The contents included a driver’s licence, a platinum card, a receipt, gift cards, a National Insurance card, business cards, and some cash.

Individually each card might not give out too much information, he said, but collectively, they give a much more complete and personal picture and one that could be used for identity theft.

Then, there is the digital footprint from activities we carry out online.

It is all about trust, said Owen. How much do you trust the organisations you use as a consumer?

As business owners, we all need people to trust us, so we must be careful how we store their information.

The critical point is, both as consumers and businesses, we need to ensure our data is as secure as possible and this means using such techniques as ensuring you know where all information is stored using such safety measures as two-factor authentication, never using the same password everywhere and ensuring that everyone in your business with access to personal data follows the security rules.


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