April 2022 – You learn something new at every breakfast!

We were all set a networking task for the morning – to find out about each other’s hobbies.

Horse riding, Nordic walking, running, and golf were favourites among the most active. Then there were at least four enthusiastic readers of crime and detective fiction, all of them among the women members.

Other hobbies included geocaching, Sudoku, playing the guitar, Egyptian history, sketching, and flying.


All things Cyber security

Shelli Moyes of MPM IT had a lot to say about cyber security and the importance of having up-to-date hardware and software.

She recommended the website www.ncsc.gov.uk for information on cybercrime. It is packed with information on ransomware, phishing, malware as well as passwords, and protecting personal data.

Shelli emphasised the importance of having decent hardware and protecting it with equipment like surge protectors. She also mentioned having a good quality router as another security measure, especially a dedicated VPN router, and warned about the increased risks from SMART technology in the home/office.


Demystifying Jargon

Then she demystified a number of acronyms for us:

VPN – Virtual Private Network

QOS – Quality of Service

Mu-Mimo – Multi-User Multiple Input

Hz – Hertz

VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol

All of this will become more important especially after 2025 when telephone landlines are no longer available.


It was a lot to take in but Shelli is always there if anyone wants to have a security check on their equipment.

Website:  www.mpmit.co.uk

Telephone: 01449 770704 or 07733 262116

Email:  [email protected]


For the future

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