Wisdom MindDespite a last-minute potentially stress-inducing change of venue breakfasters at the first meeting of the year left feeling remarkably relaxed – thanks to Annya Stoddart.

We welcomed 20 attendees, a mixture of members and guests including Andrew Harston, director of ABP Shortsea Ports, which covers 11 locations from Scotland to Plymouth and including Ipswich. Andrew has agreed to come back to a Coffee ‘n Cake meeting to give us a longer presentation in the future.

Annya Stoddart, of the Pain Relief Clinic, is in the throes of setting up an online training and meditation arm to her business, to be called Wisdom-Mind.

So it was therapy for breakfast as she took advantage of a roomful of willing volunteers (or a captive audience) to test out her new relaxation podcast.

It involved ten minutes sitting with eyes closed while her dulcet tones guided us through a step by step process of relaxing the body to connect with the wisdom mind – a clear quiet space in the mind which allows people to observe how they think and feel and perhaps how to look at things differently.

Several people were observed floating out of the building with smiles on their faces!

Peter's BeePeter’s Bees:

Chairman Peter produced an extremely happy Queen Bee, following the conclusion of our new status as “linked to” Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. We are the first and only local Chamber in the county to formally adopt this arrangement. Kim Morrison, of Morrison Social Media, is our newest committee member and is currently looking at upgrading our website.

Peter has also been keeping in touch with potential exciting developments that have followed on from our successful Lift Off conference last September.

As a result we have a special breakfast in February (see details below) to hear about developments with Gateway 14, which could potentially bring up to 1,000 new jobs to Stowmarket.

There is also a project in the early stages to establish an IT hub in the town.

Any comments or suggestions for the future please contact the Chairman, Peter Down at:

[email protected]


Coming up – can you rise to the challenge?

The February Breakfast Challenge on Friday, February 20 – presentations will be limited to a Tweet (140 characters) or 30 seconds to allow more time for a presentation from Richard Turner, the developer of Gateway 14.

Places limited to 30 and MUST be reserved in advance by Tuesday, February 17.


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