September 2016 breakfast: Free gifts, pricing issues and big feet

Good food, interesting people to talk with and the occasional touch of humour – that’s what we expect from a Chamber breakfast. Our September 2016 breakfast lived up to expectations!

Sammy Teather and Kim Morrison, of Teather & Morrison Online, are now published authors, with a useful book that will help people save time and money. ‘Your Next Big Idea’, outlines simple steps a business should take before launching a new product or service.  It’s available in print on Amazon as well as on Kindle.

Kevin Kent, of Kevin Kent Wealth Management, had a handy gift for those who mean to get their domestic paperwork in order but never quite manage it.  His ‘My Documents’ booklet will certainly help.

Peter Stanway, of Project HR, shared an extract from his most recent speech – at his daughter’s wedding: “she gets her brains from her grandparents, good looks from her mother and from me, big feet and a high forehead, but she doesn’t have the low cunning and ruthlessness.”

Venitia Billings, of Syrinx Systems, and Alison Withers, of Multimedia Reputations, both amplified on what is involved “behind the scenes” in their respective services.  In Venitia’s case, this was prompted by a potential customer wanting both software development and an app – all for £300.  Alison explained the background information that went into creating a finished blog or the copy for a website page, which is more than just “a piece of writing”.

We welcomed a guest, Jamie Mortimer, from the Stowmarket office of Realise Futures, which provides adult learning across Suffolk for vulnerable adults who are looking for work.  The organisation helps them to improve basic skills in partnership with other organisations.

Dave Baker, of Performance Plus, had a timely warning about data security, something to which it is important for businesses to pay attention.


A presentation from Mike Smith about the Stowmarket Foodbank

Mike Smith of Stowmarket Foodbank at Stowmarket Chamber September 2016 BreakfastThe Stowmarket Foodbank is Stowmarket Chamber’s nominated charity for the year and it was good to learn more about its important work.

Founder Mike Smith emphasised that people who are helped come from around 30 referral agencies, such as housing associations, the CAB, and social services. The food bank can provide help in a crisis, such as when someone loses their job, or ill health prevents them from working for a time.  A temporary cash emergency can happen to anyone “not only those in poor areas”, he said.

The Foodbank has been in existence for four years and in that time demand for help has risen to the point where it is now delivering 20 tonnes of food annually, which equates to around 50 parcels per month.

It has a dedicated stock room at the Hillside Community Centre and is supported by local churches, supermarkets and individuals.

This year they have taken on a part-time worker who can help people improve their budgeting skills or refer them on to other agencies that can help with other issues and problems.  It also provides lunches and activity for young people during the school holidays, is already planning its 100 Christmas hampers and is hoping to launch a “shoebox” appeal to also be able to give out small boxes of Christmas gifts.

The Foodbank has also been fortunate in winning the support of Delia Smith, who has helped it to become more widely known.

They now have a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store (search for Stowmarket Foodbank) where people can find out what items are particularly needed at any time.

Stowmarket Chamber will be holding raffles to raise money for the Foodbank at forthcoming events, on 28 October a Halloween Quiz Night at the Hillside Centre, and our Christmas lunch at the Golf Club on 16 December.  Anyone willing to donate a prize please contact our secretary Keely Taylor (details below).


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