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For the past ten years Stowmarket Chamber has been Affiliated to Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. This has been a mutually beneficial relationship whereby members of the Chambers have shared facilities and services and Stowmarket Chamber has been proud to be a member of the Suffolk “family” of Chambers.

Following an initiative of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC), Town Chambers within an area of a Chamber Accredited to the British Chamber of Commerce, as is Suffolk Chamber, are being encouraged to become “Part Of” or “Linked To” the Accredited Chamber in conformance with model agreements devised by BCC.

Suffolk and Stowmarket Chambers have discussed the two models at some length and the Management Committee of Stowmarket Chamber has recommended that the “Linked To” format would be more appropriate for Stowmarket Chamber.

Following a consultation with all relevant Suffolk and Stowmarket members, this change in relationship came into effect on 1st January 2015.

Being Linked to Suffolk Chamber reinforces the amicable and mutually beneficial relationship between groups of businesses committed to progressing the economic strength of the Eastern Region, while recognising the autonomy of Stowmarket Chamber, with its own constitution, identity, logo, and business plans, responsible for its own membership, finances and publicity.

Members of Suffolk Chamber may receive information from Stowmarket Chamber about their Networking Events and Conferences, which they can attend at Non-member rates.

Suffolk Chamber members would be welcome to join Stowmarket Chamber, in addition to Suffolk Chamber, and hence could enjoy members’ discounted rates for events arranged by Stowmarket Chamber as well. Click here to apply.

Members of Stowmarket Chamber will continue to enjoy the benefits of a low membership fee and attendance at events arranged by Stowmarket Chamber at discounted member rates.

Additionally members of Stowmarket Chamber will receive, for no additional charge, the journal of Suffolk Chamber “Chamber Voice” and notification of BCC Economic Surveys, plus the Suffolk Chamber electronic newsletter, which contains details of their events. Stowmarket members may attend these events at Non-member rates.

Additionally the two Chambers have agreed that for a limited number of events, to be agreed in advance, members of both Chambers may attend events arranged by the other at member rates. It is anticipated that such events are likely to be major conferences with significant impact.

To ease the financial impact of the change in relationship, Suffolk Chamber has generously agreed to make a Transitional Grant to Stowmarket Chamber for a period of three years.

We hope that you will agree that this proposed change in relationship will be beneficial for Stowmarket Chamber. Please contact us if you would like further details.

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