..and it’s all on video courtesy of Steve Stoddart, of Wandering River Photography and Videography, ready to be added to the new chamber website, of which Kim Morrison gave us a preview at the April breakfast.

There was an eclectic mix of 60 second presentations at May’s breakfast at the Golf Club.

Bob Scott, of Niche Cocktails, has recently been asked to make a purple cocktail – an expansion to his repertoire of cocktails in corporate colours.

Andrew Bingham Funeral Services raised £590 from a quiz night held on behalf of the Opportunity Group, Stowmarket.

Mumpreneur UK Magazine Silver Website AwardSammy Teather and Kim Morrison won a silver award from the Mumpreneur magazine for their own website, Be Your Own Graphic Designer.

Annya Stoddart, of the Pain Relief Clinic, promoted her next meditation workshop by getting us all to relax and meditate.

With 22 sitting down to breakfast including two visitors, James Baker from Clarke and Simpson, Framlingham, and Andrew Wailes, of Flutterbond, there was plenty more, and in case anyone needed extra guidance our Chamber Secretary, Keely Taylor, presented the 10-minute slot on how to get the best out of networking with a series of valuable networking tips.

Photographer David Tombs suggested that the breakfasts were a good opportunity for a series of two-minute expert sessions for people to ask for or receive advice on business issues. Anyone interested in doing one should email Keely.

How to get the best out of networking

Networking is all about being sociable, friendly, getting to know people, showing an interest and moving out of your comfort zone.

Keely had plenty of tips for nervous networkers not only about having the courage to move out of your comfort zone and approach people, asking them about their business and following up with a longer meeting to get to know people better.

Presentation is all about Pitch, Pace, Pauses and Power, when giving a 60 second summary or doing a 10-minute slot.

In other words, people need to be able to hear you, have time to take in what you say and to understand it.


Peter's BeePeter’s Bees

Newly returned from commemorating VE Day in Malta, Peter reminded people that progress was being made both on the proposed Gateway 14 development, which has received outline planning permission, and on the proposed Stowmarket IT hub, which has now gained the interest of the LEP.

He also gave a great testimonial for the services of Michael Drain, Superb Airport Transfers, whose company supplied the transport to and from the airport for his trip to Malta.

Any comments or suggestions for the future please contact the Chairman, Peter Down at:

[email protected]

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