Yvonne Davey-Croft – EFT Tapping

Yvonne Davey-Croft – EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) gently releases stress, negative emotions and emotional triggers. Yvonne trained with Karl Dawson one of EFT founder Gary Craig’s EFT Masters.

Emotional Freedom Technique may help with: Negative Emotions; Work Stress; Life Stress; Overwhelm; Anxiety; Self Acceptance; Shyness; Sadness; Releasing Emotional Triggers; Gaining Clarity; Moving Forward; Food Cravings; Cigarette Addiction.

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Contact: Yvonne Davey-Croft
Website: www.yvonnedaveycroft.com
Telephone: 07969 900960
Email: happy@yvonnedaveycroft.com

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