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Syrinx Systems

Software developer, working to make a difference.

I love working with Digital Creatives, Business Owners, and Product designers.

As a Digital Creative you know how to build beautiful visions, and user experiences, I help you by making sure that it all works as good as you make it look.

I provide you with an extra resource that gives you technical superpowers!

As a Product designer, I can help you avoid common pitfalls, unnecessary costs, and time delays, and help you build your great product.

I’ve always wanted to build better. When the Sinclair ZX-81 computer launched, I discovered that programming was a powerful tool for learning and creativity. Building something from nothing gives me a massive buzz – it’s like painting a picture, but instead, I use computer code.

As a software engineer (coder), I enjoy the intellectual challenge of using technology to solve problems and enhance user experience. It’s all about evolution, not revolution.

Want to know more?

Things I get a buzz from are:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP
  • SQL Databases
  • WordPress (Theme & Plugin development)
  • Shopify (Liquid coding)
  • Hosting, Linux or Cpanel
  • C, C#, Java, Python
  • Embedded systems, if it can be programmed I’m there!

Contact: Sean Billings
Telephone: 01842 337210 or 07551 955722
Email: [email protected]
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