Keely Taylor Support Services

Your business needs administration – whether it’s book-keeping, telephone answering, letter-writing, invoicing and credit control, or diary and appointment management.

None of these things is difficult, but they all take time. And if you’re a sole trader or a small business owner, that’s time you could be using more productively – and more profitably.

Even so, you may not have the resources – or the space – to employ an assistant or a secretary. Which is precisely where KTSS can help.

KTSS is an independent small business that provides the support services your business needs as and when it needs them – and keeps the costs to a minimum. Not to mention creating a far more professional image for your clients and contacts!

If you’d rather focus on doing the things that you went into business for rather than being drowned in admin then please get in touch.


Contact name: Keely Taylor
Website: www.ktss.co.uk
Phone:  01449 760965
Email:  [email protected]

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