Humber Doucy Brewing Company

Humber Doucy Brewing Co

Humber Doucy Brewing Company is a family-owned and operated brewery based in deepest Suffolk. Founded by a father and son duo, a maltster and a brewer, we make fresh, vegan friendly beers that celebrate the local ingredients and culture of Suffolk.

They’re meandering, relaxing, and a little bit shady – like an afternoon under oak beams. Or like Humber Doucy Lane, from which we take our name: modern Ipswich houses on one side, the countryside on the other. It’s named for the ‘refreshing shade’ (‘ombre douce’) found there by Napoleonic War prisoners relaxing after their labours.

Or is it? Like a lot of the mardles you’ll hear in a Suffolk pub, that one is … debatable.

Contact: John Ridealgh
Telephone: 01449 780151
Email: [email protected]


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