Diana Gibbs

Diana Gibbs

Is managing ‘just common sense’?

It’s a comment one often hears, but common sense can quickly desert you when you don’t feel equipped to handle a situation. When there’s a team or performance issue, or you’re making changes.

If you’re under pressure it’s easy to let things ride, pretending it will all blow over. But these tricky interpersonal problems rarely go away.
I can guide you:

to get to the nub of the issue
hold robust conversations
develop relationships
negotiate win/win outcomes
make hybrid working successful.

I work in people development and if this sounds relevant for you I’d love to hear from you. Please book a complimentary call to discuss your specific requirements.


Contact: Diana Gibbs
Website: www.dianagibbs.co.uk
Telephone: 07976 292565
Email: [email protected]


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