Calm For Change

Calm for Change

You may be dealing with a big change in your life – a bereavement, becoming successful, a job loss or change, becoming a parent, getting divorced, or moving to a new area…
It might be dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event in your life, or someone close to you, that brings up loads of questions and seems difficult to get past.
You may want to change an aspect of yourself – the way you think, feel or behave. Overcome depression, deal with anxiety, become more confident or raise your self-esteem.
Life changes – those things that happen to us all in life: ageing parents, children leaving home, a big birthday (my 50th was the one that did for me), menopause, retirement, being bored and wanting to get more satisfaction and fulfilment in your life.
Counselling & coaching are the ideal way to treat yourself to an experience that is powerful, fast-acting and gives long-lasting results.


Contact:  Linda Barbour
Telephone: 07795 311 354

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