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Avoca QA provides advice and support to business in strategic areas including Business Continuity Planning, Process Re-engineering and Change Management.

If you are considering extending your business, reviewing business processes or introducing new equipment, a free initial discussion with Avoca QA may ease the route to a successful outcome. Where appropriate, we can manage the project on your behalf.

Having long experience in line management and Boardroom in organisations ranging from multi-nationals to SMEs in Britain and overseas and in sectors spanning manufacturing, distribution, software development, IT operations and security, Avoca QA is able to advise on best practices and relevant national and international standards, while recognising the practicalities of finance, resources and business priorities.

Avoca QA can assist you to optimise costs and overheads, while increasing productivity and service levels, resulting in repeat business and increased profit margins.


Contact: Peter Down
Website: www.avocaqa.co.uk
Telephone: 01449 721 235
Email: peter.avoca@talktalk.net




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