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As many of our members and visitors were unable to attend, we are making real-time video recordings of each Zoom session. These are available at the same price as the live sessions.

Please note that the production quality of each video is affected by the quality of the internet connection at the time of recording.

Videos may be ordered using the button below the Seminar booking section – the link will be sent when available to the email address specified.

The video is usually available within 3-5 days of the original session.


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Manageable Marketing in these Mad Moments
We will help you understand why you need to keep marketing your business at this time and the best ways to do it. Getting your mindset, market, message and media clear will help you escape overwhelm and develop your business now and in the future.

Kim Morrison
Morr Marketing

Vibrant Videos 
A guide to creating your own video – while we are in lockdown or at any other time!
Topics covered include choosing a recording device, obtaining good quality audio, lighting and additional equipment.  An associated handout will also be made available providing extra tips and details of the equipment used in the video.

Steve Stoddart
Wandering River

Simple Scripting
You are the greatest asset to your business. This session will help you plan what to say and how to come across well on camera. We will provide you with some practical ideas on what you are going to say but also some basics to keep things natural on camera.

Allan Scott
Mill House Media

Managing Mindset
As leaders of our organisation we are expected to keep calm and carry on. But how do you manage your mind, stress and emotions when you are in the midst of a crisis? What proactive things can you do to bring calm. Linda will talk about mind management techniques that will equip you to deal with situations more confidently.

Linda Barbour
Calm for Change

Problem Solving & Innovation
Running an organisation in uncertain times requires skills of curiosity, flexibility, innovation & problem solving. In this seminar Colin will explain how you get a full picture of the situation, what simple things you need in place to innovate and how to ensure you get to the root of the problem with the right solution.
Whether it is how to overcome a small problem or how to get your business to survive and then thrive, this seminar will equip you.

Colin Tapscott
Everyday Leader

Using LinkedIn Effectively
Getting your brand known and your message out is at the centre of marketing. LinkedIn is a great way of doing that. In this seminar, we will explore how to set up an ‘All Star’ Profile, take a look at Company pages and some simple approaches that will help market you and your business. 

Kim Morrison
Morr Marketing

Getting the best out of networking
Networking is a great way to build relationships, but it is an investment of time and money. How can we improve our return on that investment?
Whether you have never been to a networking meeting and don’t know where to start – or regularly attend a variety of events – join us as we explore how to choose the events that are right for you, how to prepare for them, how to behave during them, and how to follow up.

Kate Kelly
The Business Plumber

Safe & happy IT
We rely on our IT but what are the simple ways that we can keep our computers safe? What is the ‘Cloud’ and how should we use it effectively and ensure that we our backups are ok? What is the best way to keep your IT smart and safe? If you're a small business then getting this right could be a lifesaver. Owen will explain it all simply and clearly.

Owen Williams
West View IT

Planning for your Business
Why do I need to plan for the future? Whether you're planning for growth, or just want to continue as you are, the reality is that competitors, customers and society all around you won't be standing still. You need to plan to keep up! 
This seminar will examine why we need a plan, and what you may need to be thinking about when developing one. It doesn't have to be complicated, and we will talk through how to develop a simple plan that can really help you to meet your business goals.

Alan Platt

Making Minutes Matter
Time is one of our most valuable assets, but quite often we never have enough. As business leaders, the ability to manage time can be a key to helping our business success.
Shelli shares some practical tips on how to organise yourself to manage your time well, get the important work done and not miss those important appointments.

Shelli Moyes

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