November 2022   A two-year project and steep learning curve

After some networking, and the usual excellent Mix breakfast (for those who were there in person) Annya Stoddart described her project to get an online business in meditation going.

You will find that there is a surprising number of skills needed for an online business

Many members are familiar with Annya from her Acupuncture business, The Pain Relief Clinic.

November 2022 Networking Breakfast -Annya's JourneyTwo years ago, she decided to set up a second income stream.  This was for an online digital business called Wisdom-Mind, teaching meditation and mindfulness techniques.

The concept is to help with different aspects of life such as difficult relationships, bereavement and busy workloads.

In Annya’s case, it was born from needing to help her mother cope with chronic mental health issues.

The idea also is to complement and help people deal with the mental aspects of dealing with physical pain and other problems in their lives. Meditation can help people with exercise, eating, sleeping well and to shift their mindset.

Initially, Annya recorded some guide meditations and put together a training presentation on PowerPoint.  Then she worked with Kim Morrison, of Morr Marketing, to establish how to market her new service.

Other skills Annya needed to learn during the development process included (and this list, as you know, is not exhaustive).

  • Building an effective email list to demonstrate to people what she was offering.
  • Researching and creating blogs.
  • Learning to present to camera, including using the right backgrounds and smiling (with help from Penny Morgan).
  • Exploring different online platforms, to understand what best worked for her business.

After two years of testing and learning, this is the first year Annya has been able to earn income from her new platform. It is still a work in progress, she said, the refining and evolving will continue.

Additionally, there is a free guided video meditation that you can download called the Nine Breaths Meditation.

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