March 2018 breakfast: 


Plenty of breakfasters just four days before MSBE

With the business exhibition just a few days away there were still plenty of attendees at the March 2018 breakfast.

Could it be the sparkling conversation or the excellent Cabbages and Kings at The Mix breakfast menu?

Whatever the attraction the wide range of local businesses regularly attending offer an opportunity for fledgling businesses and start-ups to find all the support services and advice they might need.

Pete Stanway, of Hillcrest HR, and Albert Peters, of Pegasus HR, are there to help with those difficult employment issues, while Shelli Moyes of MPMIT offers support on all IT-related problems.

Keely Taylor, of KTSS, can take over all those time-consuming and boring admin tasks and can now help people find out about their ancestors with her new business, Taylor Made Trees.

Sammy Teather, of Teather Creative Design, offers a fresh new take on website branding and all things graphic, while Steve Stoddart, of Wandering River Photography and Videography, ensures that you look at all times professional.

Mike Drain, of Superb Travel Suffolk, ensures you get to meetings, exhibitions and business trips on time and Suzanne Bloomfield, of SBBS, can deal with all your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Business Plumber Kate Kelly and Dave Baker, of Performance Plus, help businesses to ensure their processes are running efficiently and, in Dave’s case, as a data security auditor, that businesses stay on the right side of the coming GDPR regulations.


Do you have a funeral plan?

Andrew Bingham March 2018Our presentation this month was from Andrew Bingham, of Andrew Bingham Funeral Services.

Andrew told us that when his business was in its early days, they had been approached by a lady whose husband had died very suddenly and unexpectedly. Not only was she in shock, but she had no idea of her late husband’s wishes for his funeral.

At an emotional time, he explained, family disagreements can be quite common.

Given the wide range of options, from burial to cremation, and religious to non-religious services, choice of music and location, not to mention the use of a hearse, a horse-drawn vehicle or even a motorbike, it makes sense to have wishes detailed.

This prompted Andrew’s company to produce a very useful booklet in which all the preferences can be detailed to be stored in a safe place.


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