June 2018 breakfast

An excellent breakfast and some pertinent questions

Guest Alleyn Thomas, of Dax and Davies, a provider of energy solutions for businesses was among the 19 attendees at June’s breakfast at Finborough Hall.

We were also joined by three Finborough Hall students, Harry (head boy), Priscilla, and Tony, who told us a little about themselves, the school and the school ethos. They then asked some very pertinent questions of the members, all of whom had plenty of advice for them.


The students introduce themselves

Stowmarket Chamber chamber June 2018 Finborough studentsPriscilla is studying for A-levels in English, Biology and Chemistry.  She also works in the school café as well as outside school as a carer.

Tony, who joined the school this year, is studying for A-levels in Computer Science, Physics and Maths and particularly enjoys working with computers.  He said he is “trying to be part of the new technological world”.

Harry is the school’s current Head Boy and is studying for A-levels in English, Economics and Fine Art as well as for an AS in History.

Priscilla then described life at Finborough Hall from a business and economic perspective. Between them, she said, the head boy, head girl, prefects and older students have a responsibility to take care of the younger students in this very sports-oriented school and to help them with any problems.

The older students are encouraged to work as a team. They are also given experience of networking via regular family dinners, sixth form dinners and interaction with former students and parents to help them make connections for their futures.

The school has a number of small businesses, such as the café, in which the students are involved. They get the opportunity for some work experience, Priscilla said, which covered everything from waitressing to organising events.


Seeking advice about their future

Then it was the turn of the three to get some advice about their futures from the businessmen and women in the meeting. One question prompted a flood of responses:

“As we go through school we are told that grades are most important, but what are the most important things you look for [from employees]?”

Here’s a selection of responses:

Peter Stanway, of Project HR: “People skills, a degree of hard work, reliability”

Danny Cuff, of Gipping Press: “Honesty about weaknesses as well as strengths”

Alleyn Thomas, of Dax and Davies: “meeting deadlines – you don’t get second chances”

Keely Taylor, of KTSS: “attitude, such as not doing personal stuff in work time”

John Reynard, of Spirited Entrepreneur: “I’m interested in people who take the initiative”, explaining that a lot of young people think they have to follow the accepted routes when applying for work, rather than approaching employers, regardless of whether they were advertising.

Colin Tapscott, of Everyday Leader: “heart and character and being mindful of others”

Harry was concerned that students are always told to have a plan for after they left school. He suggested that this was difficult without experience of the real world or much to put in the CV.

Alison Withers, of Multimedia Reputations, suggested that taking a Gap Year after school was often seen favourably by potential employers, provided that it was structured into periods of working with projects or volunteering as well as travelling and learning to get on with other people.

Linda Barbour, of Calm for Change, said that the transition from school would also be a transition in the way people think and that it was important to find out what was important to them.


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