June 2016: A new trophy, an exhibition winner and a move to sunnier climes


In June 2016 a total of 20 breakfasters gathered to hear more from Dawn Easter, the Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils’ Economic Development Officer with responsibility for Gateway 14.

Guests this month included entrepreneur John Reynard, Roderick Sutherland, from West Suffolk College, and Matthew Allen, from Eastern Concrete.

John ReynardJohn Reynard brought copies of his book “The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success”, which is about his journey from harassed sole trader to visionary CEO, achieved by integrating his business life with his spiritual life.

Roderick Sutherland will be supporting local employers in need of staff training, apprentices and accessing grants for training.

Bob Scott, of Niche Cocktails, won “best stand” at the recent ISSBA’s Anglia Business Exhibition at Trinity Park, Ipswich. The stand, a beachside bar complete with palm trees and grass, was a collaboration with Samuel Stamp Dodd, of VIP Balloons, and Ruth Leigh, of the Paella and Tapas company.

New trophy Allan and Peter June 2016Our Hon. President, Peter Down, also made a “guest” appearance to hand over the Queen Bee to Chairman Allan Scott and to donate a silver trophy, also newly-engraved with the Queen Bee, to be awarded annually to the company that has done most to promote Stowmarket Chamber.

Kim Morrison, of Morrison Social Media, announced that she is moving to Portugal in early July to live, but will continue with her business and will be visiting Suffolk every four to six weeks. She also plans to rebrand her business to Morr Marketing as a more accurate reflection of what she now offers clients.


More detail on plans to bring work and jobs to Stowmarket

Dawn Easter June 2016Dawn Easter provided considerable detail on the plans for the greenfield site generally known as Gateway 14.

In fact, there are four different names for parts of the site, which as a whole is known as the Mill Lane Employment site.  The project has the support of Babergh and Mid-Suffolk District Councils because “far too many people have to commute and business has nowhere to expand to”. It has been estimated that the completed development will generate up to 3,000 local jobs.

Part of the reason for the lengthy review period, since the Gateway 14 planning application was submitted, has been the number of agencies that have to be consulted and issues that have to be considered, Ms Easter explained.

They include issues around air pollution, noise restrictions and a wetland area.  The agencies involved include the Highways Agency, Suffolk County Council, the developers and the land owners, with all of whom the district councils have been working to get things moving. While it has been a long process, Ms Easter said the end was in sight and several local companies have indicated that they are very interested in getting involved.

The first things that have to happen, she said, is that the developer has to put in a road from the Tesco roundabout, build a rainwater lagoon at the bottom end of the site, install a bund to protect Clamp Farm and carry out early tree planting along Mill Lane.

Because the land slopes, the actual site is divided into five areas with strict controls on what kinds of businesses can operate there. This includes consideration of the heights of buildings on each part, so that the residents of both Cedars Park and Clamp Farm will be protected from both noise and visual intrusion.

Half of the Gateway 14 site has been identified as a Food Enterprise Zone (FEZ), which will be phase 2 of the development. There are only 17 FEZs in the entire country and all are designed to get started as quickly as possible through the use of Local Development Orders, which speed up the planning permission process and allows businesses up to five years of business rate relief.

There is currently a four-week public consultation process on the LDO for this and people are urged to comment using this link:


Eventually, it is intended that the access from Mill Lane to the A14 will be closed and the area will provide a safe and attractive walking and cycling route.


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