July 2016: IT myths busted at a small but perfectly formed breakfast

Our July 2016 meeting, with just 12 attendees as the holiday season approaches, meant that there was no time limit for introductory speeches.

This gave attendees the opportunity to go into a bit more detail about their businesses, including our two guests, Piers Hall, business development manager for Avanti, the re-branded Certax accountancy practice, and Norman Wilson, director of WLP, which offers business advice, rescue and turnaround support.

Dave Baker, of Performance Plus, gave advance notice of an all-day event planned for August 16th at the Hethel Engineering Centre, near Norwich.  The day will focus on Data and Information Security.  All this plus lunch for £25 + VAT.  Anyone who would like to go should let Dave know.

Kate Kelly, the Business Plumber and the Chamber’s treasurer, announced that we will be soon launching an option for people to pay their membership monthly if they prefer.

The committee has also agreed on the charity to be supported this year and it will be the Stowmarket Food Bank, about which there will be presentations at Coffee and Cake and breakfast meetings in due course.

Venitia Billings debunking software development myths

Venitia’s company, Syrinx Systems, provides bespoke software to businesses and her presentation tackled some of the misapprehensions people have about the service.

Myth 1 – It’s expensive: not true, she said. Any proposal is written to conform to what the client wants rather than adapting off the shelf software.  Planning well from the start ensures there are no additional costs and Syrinx encourage customers to have an overall budget in mind at the start of the process.

Myth 2 – Left in the lurch: there is a commonly-held belief that once a piece of software has been written and delivered to the client they are on their own. However, Syrinx makes sure they deliver what the client really wants “not what they think they want” and are available to help for up to three months after the job is completed.  In that time, any bugs will be identified and dealt with at no additional cost to the client.

Myth 3 – It’s User Error: you won’t hear this from Syrinx. When you have a problem using the software they have supplied, as Venitia says: “if it’s not working, it’s not working”.

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