February 2020 breakfast –

Sharing the love and some very useful tips


Mayor of Stowmarket, Paul Ekpenyong

For February 2020 our 25 breakfasters were, appropriately, sharing the love by expressing their gratitude for the services of other members they have used.

We were also delighted to welcome the Mayor of Stowmarket, Paul Ekpenyong, as our guest.

This month’s presentation from Steve Stoddart, of Wandering River Photography and Videography, gave us plenty of handy tips to improve the quality of any videos we might create as part of our marketing.


A guide to creating your own videos

The key to creating a good video, Steve told us, is to set aside enough time to produce it.

Then you need to decide its topic, from an “about us” to a case history, self-help tips, training, or testimonials from customers.

There are two key components to a successful video, according to Steve. They are the script and visual appeal. If you do not feel comfortable with either, there are other Chamber members who can help, he pointed out.

When deciding on the equipment to use, whether it is a smartphone or tablet, sound quality is crucial. Move too far away from the microphone and you will pick up ambient noise. Steve had a range of affordable equipment that could be used as a microphone stand, crucially, he said, make sure the holder is landscape and not vertical.

When composing shots, one tip is to stand to the side of the shot to allow you to introduce other information. Another tip to remember is that digital cameras do not provide optical zoom so images will pixelate. You can use natural lighting, but you should avoid a too strong light which will create too many dark shadows.

Even with a script it is useful to have a teleprompter but set it at a comfortable speed for you to read and include pauses between sentences. Warm-up before you start and make sure you are relaxed.

Once you have completed your video it is important to review it with a critical eye. Don’t be surprised if you need to do a few trial runs before you are happy with the results.


Tell us what you want

Allan is happy to receive any suggestions for what members want to see the Chamber doing in the future. Please send your ideas (and your want lists) to [email protected].


Dates for your diary:

March Coffee March Breakfast
Needham Market Community Centre The Mix, Stowmarket
Friday, March 6 Friday, March 20
10.00am-12noon 6.45 am

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