Snake cocktail, member discounts and granny bragging – a most peculiar breakfast

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Venetia Matthews, of Syrinx Systems, creators of bespoke software and apps, had some special news to share – she’s going to be a granny in May. Members should be prepared for some “granny bragging” to quote our chairman Peter Down, an arch exponent and excellent tutor in the art.

Among the businesses represented by the 18 breakfasters who attacked the usual excellent Cedars‘ breakfast with relish January 2016 Breakfasterswere home-delivered, quality pet food from Jan Pinder, photography and videography from Steve Stoddart, Wandering River, bespoke e-newsletter content from Allan Scott, Mill House Media, business process help from Kate Kelly, the Business Plumber, who has sadly mislaid her famous sink plunger, and wealth management services from our guest Kevin Kent.

There were special offers for members from Sammy Teather, Be Your Own Graphic Designer, for a discount on her upcoming course on using the free graphics software Inkscape to design images for social media and print on February 17, and the opportunity for advertising at special discounted rates and for advertorial from Steve Penny, editor of Take One newspaper.

January 2016 - Snake CocktailAs ever, Bob Scott, Niche Cocktails, produced perhaps the rarest cocktail mixer ever – a Japanese product called Habu sake, which contains a rather large snake in the jar, so a snake cocktail! A little post-breakfast googling reveals this about the Habu snake: “a viper is related to rattlesnakes and its venom can cause nausea, vomiting, hypotension, and possibly death. Don’t worry about dying, though, the liqueur usually neutralizes the venom.” Well, that’s all right then!


Peter's BeePeter’s Bees

Sadly, Peter was unable to be at breakfast this time but Treasurer, Kate Kelly, used his spot to remind people that she will soon be sending out membership renewal reminders and also that they can earn a discount and save themselves having to remember to book for breakfast by buying a season ticket via the website.

Any comments or suggestions for the future please contact the Chairman, Peter Down at:

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Young enterprise with Dave Baker

This month’s presentation from Dave Baker was about the Young Enterprise schools initiative, with which he is a volunteer.

A major part of the scheme, founded in 1963, is the opportunity for school students to set up and run a business for one academic year. They plan and produce the product or service, market it and learn how to set up a business account (provided by HSBC) with support from a business volunteer, such as Dave.

The team of six 17 year-olds at Thetford Academy, with whom Dave is working, has designed and produced limited edition canvas shopping bags featuring artwork by a creative member of the team.

The experience helps young people make the transition from studying to working and in the words of one alumnus “It got me my job”.


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